Anti-Aging Body Perfection Care - Slimming and Firming


Anti-Aging Body Perfection Care - Slimming and Firming

An anti-aging and body-sculpting care product inspired by recent medical discoveries regarding excess weight to deliver embellishing, intensive firming and intelligent slimming performance.
200 ml / 6.7 oz
* A plant-based anti-aging concentrate stimulates cell renewal and collagen production to actively fight against skin slackening and loss of tone. * Moisturizes, nourishes, softens and smoothes the skin. * Activates targeted lipo-reduction on dimpled skin and excess fat. *Caffeine and escin heighten the slimming and detoxifying performance.


Apply to body with circular movements, morning and night, on dry skin.
Body Program
Because the body has so many needs, Orlane meets the demand for perfection by offering exclusive and complete treatments based on its Beauty Institute's Expertise.
To ensure that your body has the same youthful appearance as your face, Orlane satisfies the body's specific requirements, creating softer, firmer, better-toned and dynamic skin.
Our emergency treatments and daily care products can be used all year long to create a lovelier you.