B21 SOIN EXTRAORDINAIRE lifting neck and decollete


B21 SOIN EXTRAORDINAIRE lifting neck and decollete

Instant lifting effect and lasting regeneration

50 ml

Regular Price: €90.00

Special Price: €81.00

The most advanced anti-aging treatment for smoothing, firming and toning your neck and décolleté. Thanks to the Youth Reset® complex cells regain their natural potential. These “rejuvenated” cells function at full capacity, creating firm skin and a dense matrix thanks to the 21 amino acids from the Pale Iris.
This universal product was designed for you. Whatever your age, this treatment will provide you with fresh, youthful looking skin. Because of its unique texture, it can be applied by itself. Because it resets the clock for your cells, B21 Extraordinaire, when applied together with a serum or a cream, boosts their efficiency.
The skin is glowing and even more beautiful 97%
The skin is firmer, wrinkles are reduced 97%
The skin is soft and smooth 100%
The skin is hydrated, comfortable 97%