Bouquet d'Orlane Set - Coquelicot


Bouquet d'Orlane Set - Coquelicot

Sparks of pimento in a fragrant valley. This original and unique creation is both fresh and warm.

A luminous accord fuses into a cascade of cool top notes: spicy thrill of cardamom, fruity tingle of blackcurrant and tangy bursts of citruses. At the heart a spray of osmanthus, roses and tubers kindled by coriander pearls. Unctuous benzoin blended with musk and witchy Tonka beans make for a sensual oriental base note.

Set contains:
Autour du Coquelicot Eau de toilette 100 ml l
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Gel Douche Douceur Parfumé 75 ml
Voile Parfumé Hydratant pour le Corps 75 ml

Les Bouquets d'Orlane
Memories of a delightfully entrancing stroll amidst a deliciously fragrant floral landscape vibrant with color; a moment of pure pleasure wandering woodlands and forests, glens and hilltops, gardens and greenhouses.