Essential Time-Fighting Care Anagenèse


Essential Time-Fighting Care Anagenèse

An innovative care product, based on the science of cellular growth factors to fight against invisible signs of aging from age 25 and heighten the skin’s youthfulness.
50 ml / 1.7 oz
This exceptional skincare combats the appearance of signs of aging. Its two pro cell growth factors activate the production of collagen, encourage cell renewal and revive the skin's radiance. An anti-free radical care with Vitamins A and E, the bio-marine complex, trace elements and minerals, this fine and luscious cream moisturizes, smoothes and actively protects the skin.


Apply morning and night.
Anagenèse Program
From age 25, skin aging begins but doesn’t show visible signs on the skin surface yet.
Active prevention is the basis of the fight against aging. It makes it possible to prolong the youthfulness of the cells.
Orlane creates ANAGENÈSE 25+, a line of Time-Fighting Care with pro-growth factors that trigger cellular activity to delay signs of aging.