Gentle Cleansing Foam Face and Eye Make-up Remover


Gentle Cleansing Foam Face and Eye Make-up Remover

This delicious foam perfectly and gently removes make-up from face and eyes.
250 ml / 8.4 oz
Ideal for delicate and sensitive eye contours, it dissolves make-up from the face and eyes in a soft caress. It cleanses the epidermis, sweeps away impurities and purifies the complexion with a Nebeday extract, while remaining gentle on the hydrolipidic film.


Lather two doses of foam over face and eye contours morning and night. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with a daily skincare.
Daily Stimulation Program
Prepare your face for treatment.
Your skin needs to be perfectly cleansed and toned every day, morning and evening. This is why the Orlane Laboratories have developed the Daily Stimulation Program, essential for attaining and maintaining fresh, lovely skin that fully profits from the benefits of the skincare products applied afterwards.