Oligo Vitamin Light Smoothing Cream


Oligo Vitamin Light Smoothing Cream

A real 'beauty breakfast' for the skin, ths fine dewy cream protects sensitive skin.
50 ml /1.7oz
It provides increased protection for the skin. Soothes and softens the epidermis. Relaxes the features. The skin is balanced, fortified, well protected against signs of irritation. It regains softness, comfort. It is visibly serene, smoothed, relaxed.


Every morning and evening, smooth gently into skin thoroughly prepared with VITALIZING CLEANSER AND LOTION or MICELLAR WATER. Avoid eye countour.
Oligo Vitamin
A real 'beauty breakfast' for the skin, giving you the daily minimum recommended dose of essential elements it needs. A healthy complexion and skin glowing with vitality and radiance is exactly what the new OLIGO program promises. With their hypoallergenic formula, these targeted treatments are intended for all women, regardless of their age, and are designed to suit all skin types, even the most sensitive.