Soin Super Hydratant Global


Soin Super Hydratant Global

Its super-comfortable texture nourishes even the driest skin making it silky and smooth
50 ml / 2.5 oz

Restorative action : it stimulates natural lipid production, which is essential for skin hydration. Even the driest skin maintains its barrier function and appears restored.
Protective action : it protects skin from external aggressions, creating an anti-aging shield and ensuring long-lasting comfort.


Apply on the face morning and night.


An intensive treatment that owes its phenomenal effectiveness to a new generation of active ingredients which reproduce the natural mechanisms of hydration and target the areas on the face that are most in need of moisture. The masque's texture, with its patch-like effect, immediately penetrates the skin, leaving behind a hydrating film that rapidly delivers its ingredients deep down.
Hydratation Program
Restores the cells’ water balance, quenching the thirstiest skin. All skin has trouble retaining the water that it needs. When the skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its vitality and “wilts”. Skin that is more mature and subject to harsher conditions can become dry, very dry and rough to the touch. The Hydration Program restores the cells’moisture balance and compensates for their nutritive deficiencies.