Super-Moisturizing Serum


Super-Moisturizing Serum

This booster of moisture rehydrates the skin by directly acting on and promoting its natural hydrating mechanisms.
30 ml / 1.0 oz
Based on the latest research on hyaluronic acid, this serum re-educates the skin, teaching it how to activate its natural hydration mechanisms. Captured, redistributed and used more efficiently, water can bestow all its benefits.


Apply morning or night under your usual skincare cream.
Hydratation Program
Restores the cells’ water balance, quenching the thirstiest skin. All skin has trouble retaining the water that it needs. When the skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its vitality and “wilts”. Skin that is more mature and subject to harsher conditions can become dry, very dry and rough to the touch. The Hydration Program restores the cells’moisture balance and compensates for their nutritive deficiencies.